Thanksgiving 2020

Gratitude is the feeling experienced by people who have received help or support. It is great that a separate holiday is dedicated to such positive emotions, which has its own unique customs and traditions. It's called Thanksgiving, as a symbol of the response to kindness and warmth. Celebrating this solemn event is accepted exclusively in Canada and the United States, while American citizens have increased emotionality. Americans love family gatherings to such an extent that all the scenes shown in Hollywood films are completely true.

When will Thanksgiving be in 2020

There is a significant difference between the Canadian and American dates of the celebration. They give eulogies in America on the last November Thursday, while Canadians celebrate the holiday on the second Monday of October.

In 2020, Thanksgiving will be celebrated in Canada on October 12 (Monday), and in the US on November 26 (Thursday).

Being thankful for something is a very good condition, showing how close a person is to God. After all, if the first immigrants were not lucky to survive miraculously, the North of America could still remain poorly populated. In a narrow family circle, saying prayers, slicing a baked turkey, Americans and Canadians will celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020.

History of the holiday

Thanksgiving citizens have a special connection with important historical events. The fact is that in 1620, November 21, ships with the first immigrants from England moored to the American shores. The flagship was called the Mayflower, and its passengers planned to find happiness on a foreign continent.

Since people arrived in the last autumn days, almost immediately after landing, they had to face the onset of winter. Most of the unfortunate English, which amounted to over 100 people, simply could not cope with the fierce cold. They could not live to thanksgiving, because they tragically froze. The holiday was held the following year without them, because there was no food, and dozens of lives claimed the cold. But the winter cold could not last forever, and the long-awaited thaw came. Those who were lucky enough to survive, managed to establish a Plymouth colony. From it began the mass settlement of North America, which allowed immigrants to find a common language with the Indians.

It was the indigenous people, who were also “red-faced,” who helped the “pale-faced” survive. Native American craftsmen showed the new fellow citizens the rules of cultivating American land, taught how to grow local agricultural crops. As a result, a year later the pilgrims were able to harvest a rich harvest that brought a real holiday.

At that time, William Bradford held the post of governor, who took the initiative to thank the Lord for the people's salvation from hunger. And in 1621, exactly 12 months after arriving in foreign lands, the colonists celebrated the first Thanksgiving. In honor of the celebration, a colossal feast was held, where more than a hundred Indians were invited. But for a century and a half, only unofficial status was established behind the triumph, and it was noted haphazardly. It became a public holiday only in 1789, since it was in the 18th century that the United States was formed. George Washington signed the relevant Decree, and secured the official status for the triumph, and appoint November 26 as its fixed date.

Tradition of celebration

It is customary to give praises and thanks in a family circle, inviting only your closest friends to the gala dinner. The venue of the feast is always a house owned by the oldest members of the family. For Thanksgiving, classic dishes must be on the table: turkey, pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes. Historians believe that it was these delicacies that pleased the first settlers at the source of the triumph. Apple cider is considered a traditional drink.

Before the start of the solemn meal, all members of the family should read a joint prayer that praises the Lord for their daily bread. Another important tradition is the "pardon" of the turkey, carried out on the lawn near the White House. The president and his deputy stand in front of the public, and solemnly read out a decree on clemency of the bird. After reading, the turkey is given to the zoo.

Before Thanksgiving, it’s customary to do good deeds: give free meals to the poor, give everyone in need a feeling of friendly participation. Often, plates with refreshments are distributed by the head of state.

No less traditional is the parade held by the Masis Department Store. A costumed procession takes place in New York, starting in Central Park, and finishing on 34th Street. In addition, the fourth November Thursday is the time of a festive football match.

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