The new Honda Urban EV 2020 model year

Once very warmly received at the Frankfurt Salon, the concept of this model is preparing for its full launch in the series. As soon as Urban-EV was not called ... And the unexpected for Honda, and the killer of stereotypes ... In a word, she raised a sensation and intrigued, agree fairly. Well, very soon, which pleases, the time will come with her to “vouch for” live. Are you waiting We, too!

Although, in fact, this Japanese brand has been friends with green technologies for a long time and tightly: all the latest Clarity, if you remember, is a hybrid, then purely electro, in vain. True, they said goodbye to the nimble Fit, but the full-size Accord, which the generation pleases with decent hybrid technologies. However, a fresh jet, you see, was still not enough. And the notorious urbanist Honda Urban EV seems ready to become one with all the reasons.

Exterior and new in design

Spy renderings from the tests of the electric car confirmed: the retro-futuristic design, which so frankly made the audience gasp at the time of the model’s debut, was left almost unchanged, although it still lost several crazy decisions. Firstly, from a bully three-door hatchback became a five-door and slightly increased in size, the rear door of the "suicide" type was changed, as far as camouflage allows it, to the usual one, and the rear lights became round like the front ones, which gives the car a kind of puppetry and completeness.

The wheelbase, compared with the prototype, has become a little longer. A darkened cover is provided on the hood to mask the charging port. And, most interestingly, it seems that they are not going to put side mirrors on the serial version either, replacing them with cameras. Well, here it is unambiguous to judge whether you will get just such a copy, we will not take it, since far from all countries the legislation allows it. So, versions with traditional rear-view mirrors are likely to be available.

The side windows have virtually no frames in order to keep the exterior lines clean. Door handles, for the same purpose, practically do not stand out. And, of course, to complete the acquaintance is the most striking retro feature of this electric car, which is so charming that it does not even need a separate presentation. We are talking about those very round recessed "eyes" of front lighting technology, without which the whole style of the car would have lost the lion's share of its brightness.

Interior and equipment

The concept, as we recall, stood out with that bold massive screen across the entire width of the dashboard - almost to the front passenger. And there is every reason to believe that this very original and unusual solution will also go into the serial version. Most likely, the indicators of the devices will be placed either on this screen itself or a little to the side of it - so that the driver is comfortable and does not have to lower his eyes too much. For this purpose - for convenience and safety - they will refuse any displays at the top of the door card. Agree, this was far from the most practical invention. The rear-view mirror will also become a monitor, to which the broadcast from the corresponding camera will be transmitted.

In general, the minimalistic style of the concept is unlikely to allow placing too many additional buttons of a physical type - as much as they can, they will transfer so much to the sensor, as it seems to us. The rest of the premium segment is fully echoed by a large percentage of wood finishes - both on the seat frames, and on the doors, and on the tidy. And the combination of fabric upholstery with leather safety belts gives it some kind of inner ... comfort, or what?


Definitely it will be to the bone marrow of an electric car - without any hybrid variations. Promise sports settings transmission, which will give a slightly lower landing. Otherwise, while the exact technical parameters of the passport of the serial version of its new product, Honda has not yet announced, however, given that the latest similar Clarity is considered to be its latest development, it will be something like the following:

  • power 161 hp;
  • 250 km without recharging (it is possible that especially for this model the battery will be improved, because otherwise it will not be able to compete with its analogues from Europe which are much more attractive in this respect).

Honda Urban EV was originally developed exclusively for the European market. True, it is not clear to the end whether the declared modifications of the subcompact in this case will be relevant, because once in its releases the company has repeatedly associated this brand with its premium segment. According to rumors, the price is expected to be at least $ 30,000.

Honda Urban EV 2020: photo

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