New Chevrolet 2020 models

One of GM's flagship car brands is going to continue and in 2020 to please fans of its work with excellent models in terms of quality and characteristics.

We are waiting for even more striking fully or partially electrified innovations, the expansion of the model range in many of the produced classes, as well as several sensational discoveries, which our editors will hasten to share with their readers today.

Of course, the automotive world does not freeze for a second - it is characterized by constant movement, loud dispelling of intrigue, battles of espionage passions and all that sort of thing. Therefore, it is logical that a couple of months after the publication of this material, Chevrolet will throw out something new.

We promise, as soon as this happens, it is imperative to release an addition to the review of new products from this American brand, as they say, in hot pursuit. So, do not forget to follow the updates!

Chevrolet FNR-X 2020 production version

This crossover will not even be a plug-in - completely electric, and, most likely, it will be built on the same platform with Bolt. It is believed that the motor will be similar there, issuing about 200l.s.

Unfortunately, we do not have more details at the moment, however, as soon as something is clarified by this model, we will notify you immediately.

Chevrolet Camaro SUV 2020

It seems that all the names of the American automobile industry, one way or another associated with sports legends, decided to join the flash mob to revive their brands. True ... in a slightly different class. We had no time to move away from the surprise caused by the news of the Ford Mustang, as Chevrolet announced that it was going to release Camaro in the body of an SUV.

The novelty was announced as a 2020 model, but despite this, we have only mean spyware renders on hand, although they clearly demonstrate a playfully and very provocative bullied clearance, as well as a two-door body modification.

On leaked to the network records from the tests, the novelty behaves very briskly, which allows us to hope that it will not shame the racing glory of its ancestor.

Chevrolet Corvette C8 2020

The update of the chic sports car, which is ready to become a worthy competitor to all the Lamborghini and Aston Martin there, is a coupe with improved dynamics of the body, but it retained, according to critics, recognizable proportions and features of the legend.

The eighth generation of the best-seller is unlikely to surprise with the placement of the power plant between the axles, but it promises to use the space above the rear wheels much more efficiently.

Chevrolet Suburban 2020: 13th generation

Yes, yes, it is precisely this massive old man who is going to be qualitatively updated by 2020, replanting him on the new T1XX platform. Judging by the renderings, in terms of external design, we are waiting for something very similar to the last Silverado.

At least in terms of the "nose" of the car. The manufacturer also reports that it will receive a new suspension, which means that all the usual complaints about driving this car will disappear.

The heart of the power plant is likewise modernized: now they will put a 2.7L turbocharged unit equipped with advanced cylinder deactivation technology. It is not excluded the simultaneous inclusion in the list of proposals and modifications to 420 "horses" from a 6.2-liter monster.

Chevrolet Trax SUV 2020

Recent renders from the running-in tests of this update show that it will be very similar to a smaller copy of the latest Blazer. Many will be surprised: did Trax just get its update? But, in Chevrolet, apparently, they considered that there was no limit to perfection. Although, objectively, that alteration was not so successful, in principle.

There is still little news about the new platform: it will be either Gamma-2 (relevant for the predecessor), or the new VSS-S - unified with a number of other brand models. As a power unit, a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine should be used, and the list of gearboxes will expand from a single six-speed manual to a nine-speed automatic.

Chevrolet Tahoe 2020: 5th generation

This American full-size is going to completely evolve in its next generation. And now its prominent features promise to be 20cm clearance and other overall dimensions (2.04 x 5.18 x 1.89 m).

The orientation was taken on the growth of comfort of the eight-seater saloon, which, in truth, was very, very pleasant in this regard. The update will please a complete revision of the generation of assistants to ride and parking, completely new multimedia and other electronics.

And the fuel system will be much more economical in favor of the "green" trends of our time. It is expected that under the hood there will be a 5.3 liter eight-cylinder, specially adapted for “flexible” fuel, which is capable of delivering up to 355 hp. The car is going to be equipped with an old six-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive transmission.

Chevrolet Prisma 2020: 2nd Generation

The fate of the publication of the sedan version of the very popular Celta and Onix was predetermined for a long time: they were very carefully prepared for its update. Absolute sensation, of course, did not work, but should the brand have just worthy workhorses “for housewives”?

The novelty is going to be equipped with an economical three-cylinder liter engine, but with turbocharging. Expected for some markets, for example, the Brazilian, and petrol variations of 1.2 liters, as well as turbocharged with direct injection.

Externally, the car will receive a shorter ass, but, nevertheless, it will slightly grow in length - up to 4.4 m. The wheelbase will increase to 2.6m.

Chevrolet Silverado HD 2020

Detailed description, overview

For this modification of the fifth actual generation of medium-tonnage trucks, they are going to take a completely new frame, which allows carrying heavy loads, but without making the car heavier. As a result, fuel economy will increase.

A similar goal is the revision of body design in favor of a more massive use of lightweight panels. Inside, no less changes are expected: the rear seats will become larger, and the space both under them and behind them to accommodate cargo will increase.

But without sacrificing legroom. The new Silverado will be equipped with an electric rear door on push-button control from the inside. And, by the way, the cargo compartment itself significantly increased in volume, additionally equipped with a number of safe storage places.

Externally, the model has also changed significantly, becoming much more expressive and prettier in its design. And of the technical innovations, it is worth noting the introduction of unique DSF technology, which allows selective fuel saving if necessary.

Chevrolet Captiva 2020

This mid-size, in fact, already pretty tired of endless restyling, but without a full-fledged qualitative change of generations. Therefore, it is doubly nice that in 2020, GM, it seems, is going to remember him and prepare a full-fledged heir to him.

Its design was created at the Korean representative office of the concern in Incheon, and the same compact and modest design, popular in Europe, promises to soon become the most complete bestseller. In addition, they are going to completely revise the line of universal and very decent engines, adding several more modern and economical options.

Chevy Equinox 2020: 4th Generation

We have already really been waiting for the next generation of Equinox - is it a joke to not even carry out minimal restyling from 2016! But, if the news from the manufacturer becomes reality, we are waiting for a serious revision of the security system, a wider variety of modern electronic assistants, as well as the highest class of multimedia.

True, one cannot expect any revolution from the exterior - judging by the advertising teasers, the maximum is light makeup. But inside, a lot will change, significantly adding convenience to both passengers and the driver. Regarding technical specifications, there is no news, as GM believes that the latest update already squeezed the maximum out of this model.


GM, and Chevrolet, in particular, and in 2020 are going to increase the pace of expansion of their electric cars on the market. In particular, they promise only in China, for example, to launch at least a dozen completely new fully electrified models.

In an affordable price range, as the manufacturer insists. In general, investments in this segment will be doubled in the near future - this is clearly stated in the company's planned communique.

In addition, a campaign has already begun on a global restructuring of the business, as a result of which the segment of offers from internal combustion engines will be reduced by several times, and because of this, it will be necessary to close about five enterprises in the USA and Canada and put before the fact of dismissal one and a half ten thousand people.

We will say goodbye forever to Chevrolet Cruze, Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6 and some others, and even the excellent Chevrolet Volt by many estimates will disappear from the portfolio of offers in the near future.

However, do not despair, because, as we saw from the list of the above models, at least the Chevy is going to live and live. It will just begin to delight us much more actively with something new for the environmental malice of the day.

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