Eastern horoscope for 2020 for the Snake

A compilation of subtle life observations, deep knowledge of psychology and world order, mysterious teachings about energy flows and the wisdom of millennia of emerging philosophy - in fact, these are the traditions of the Chinese zodiac. Which we are more often used to calling the oriental horoscope or Chinese.

In fact, this cultural layer is much more serious and larger - it is something immeasurably greater than descriptive and very rough forecasts for a year or a specific month, for life in general or for a specific area for each of the symbols of the 12-year cycle.

An ordinary Chinese man, many, many times a year, turns to an experienced astrologer to make him a horoscope of compatibility with a particular person, good luck in a certain event, the consequences of a decision. Moreover, it is based on the exact date of birth, including time on the clock, of all participants in the process. And it is also clearly attached to the framework of the event under investigation.

However, unfortunately, the services of such personal astrologers are a real exotic for us. At least for those who do not know Chinese. Therefore, we have to be content with general digests for representatives of a certain sign of the eastern zodiac.

And today we offer our readers a similar horoscope for the Serpents - an outstanding sign in all respects, for which, in 2020, most obviously, extremely interesting times are coming ...

What to do so that in 2020 luck smiles at you?

So, firstly, it is worth noting that if you are not ideally compatible with the mistress of the year, Metal Rat, then you consider each other as one hundred percent the best friends. And as you know, she does not abandon her friends and do not forget. Although it is not as reverent to them as to potential family members or partners.

Nevertheless, you even have one lucky figure with her - this is a deuce, which already says something. In addition, two related areas coincide - Western and South-Western. And, to please the Rat, try to look in those directions more often.

For example, sit in the process of work or rest. Also, be sure to decorate the "rat corner" - the north - with lilies and African violets, various ornaments and decorative figurines. Such attention to the conceited mistress of the year will certainly have to fit.

True, in colors you, unfortunately, are more likely antagonists than allies. But, you can try to prefer green or blue - it will not harm you. In addition to the Two, the lucky number will be Troika, and even born in 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 and 2013, Snakes should try to plan all the most important and important events for the 2nd and 5th months of the lunar calendar, and even better - on the 4th and 13th of their numbers. The same as the 4th, 10th and 12th months will be unhappy, as, however, the numbers 5th and 9th.

As for your behavior and decisions in the coming year, in order not to anger the Rat, you should become sociable and fall in love with collective work. Well, at least for your family and like-minded people in the business field, you can make an exception!

You will also have to trust more not intuition, but practical calculation and tactical logical constructions, and also not allow stress to take control of yourself. Well, and, of course, in every possible way cultivate the role of a great intellectual, a wise adviser, a person who always achieves his goals with all the determination that he is capable of.

Horoscope for 2020 for men-Snakes

In short, the year will be very stormy, but relatively positive. However, it all depends on how wise decisions you manage to make. You will have to forget about the habit of thinking only in global categories - set small goals, adapt to each specific situation, overcome it, and only then move on.

Alas, it will not work to take everything by one’s own willpower - either completely reconsider the tactics of solving life tasks, or you will find a lot of disappointments, including yourself, not to mention the fiasco in many areas of life.

The first half of the year will become extremely conflicting - you will literally jump from one quarrel to another, that you, as a rather balanced person, will enrage you even more, increasing and increasing your internal negative. The proceedings will pursue all areas of interest, but in the second half of the year it will suddenly stop abruptly - as if nothing had happened.

You will regain a sense of self-confidence and firm ground under your feet, get away from annoying pettiness in planning and actions - in a word, a new life cycle begins for you, in which you will enter renewed and very battle-tuned.

Gorgeous prospects will open, alternative choices will appear, and you will be able to demonstrate in all its glory how you can calculate moves for a long time ahead and achieve far-reaching goals, building difficult multi-trip sites.

Horoscope for women-Snakes for 2020

Do not wait for our charming Snakes in 2020 to suddenly fall asleep with gifts. This, of course, will happen, but not soon - something else needs to be earned, because the Rat is fair, and just does not award anything to anyone. The competitive marathon will begin with the fact that you will understand that if you previously easily coped with similar solo tasks and only with your own resources, now this is impossible ... because it is simply impossible.

Of course, you will be angry, because the situation will be completely and completely attributed to your account, written in the list of personal failures. However, there will be so many similar cases during the first 6 months of the year that you will lose your account.

As a result, out of habit, extrapolate irritation to loved ones with whom you quarrel to death. As, however, with colleagues at work, and in general, everything around will not escape your bad mood and dissatisfaction with yourself and life.

The difficult period will last until August. However, then the pole will change, you will regain self-control, life will stabilize, goals will become more global and clear, as will your strategies for achieving them. Opportunities that you had never dreamed of will open before you. Moreover, which is characteristic in all areas of interest.

Love horoscope

With love, the Snakes in the year of the Rat will not be easy. At first, if they are in a relationship or marriage, they will try to spoil the climate in the house so that only the most worthy can survive. Born this year will scandal, scatter reproaches, criticize and infuriate with small nit-picking with enthusiasm and excitement, as if playing tug of war - who will win?

If their partners are not strong enough, the relationship will not stand this test of strength. Otherwise, after only a few months, everything will be forgotten, like a nightmare, peace and idyll will come.

For free Serpents, 2020 will be a difficult year, in which only acquaintances closer to its end will be crowned with happiness and a possible continuation with the transformation into something very serious. In other periods, you will quarrel and part because of trifles.

Toward the end of the year, new attractive prospects will open, including in love, and we especially advise you to pay attention to the Rats, Monkeys and Petukhovs you met or noticed in the already existing environment. But with Tigers, Dragons, Horses and Goats you are contraindicated in building relationships - remember this!

Career and Finance

Your year will begin with the fact that you will continually conflict with employees and superiors. It is possible that you will become a participant in some serious proceedings at work. If you do not adjust your attitude and do not reconsider your priorities, there is a great chance to be disappointed in this place of work and go all the harder - to look for a better share and greater recognition of your talents.

You have enough willpower to quit, but will it be enough to arrange your own destiny now, during this extremely difficult period for many? Sorry, but not a fact - circumstances may be stronger than you. So think twice before cutting the Gordian knot.

Moreover, if you endure, very soon - literally by the fall, you will feel how much the situation has changed in your favor. You will have such prospects for service that previously were something of a kind of fiction, you will again saddle your self-confidence, exceptional ones, and begin to take the maximum out of life.

The immediate financial effect and visible career growth may not be immediately apparent - more likely, even next year, than this year, however, you will make an excellent reserve for the future today.

Snake Health in the Year of the Rat

Current stress, especially at the beginning of the year, will not affect you in a positive way. After all, you are accustomed to a much more measured, even one might say - contemplative, pace. You will definitely need a break from all this so as not to experience a breakdown and nervous exhaustion due to stress.

Therefore, as soon as there is an opportunity - in the spring or at the beginning of summer - be sure to take a vacation. In the summer, it is generally recommended to often practice outings, engage in sports in the fresh air.

Well, the Snakes will have to use all their talents and life wisdom to succeed in overcoming the trials that fell to their lot in 2020. However, we earnestly believe that they will succeed, because people with such a strong will still look!

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