2020 what animal according to the horoscope

The New Year is about to come into its own, and, of course, it is insanely interesting for everyone to find out which animal it will be dedicated to according to the Eastern calendar? Indeed, a lot depends on this: taking into account the characteristics of the sign and the forecast for its year, it is easier to make extremely correct decisions and make informed choices in it, and you also know exactly how to attract maximum luck in everything.

The eastern horoscope has absorbed crystallized wisdom for millennia, it is very logical, consistent and not at all exotic even for us - who grew up in a completely different cultural paradigm. Well, let's get acquainted with his recommendations and make every effort to make our life perfect!

2020 Metal Rat

January 25, 2020 will take over Year of the Metal Rat - the first in a 12-year cycle, opening it and setting it all the way. So, the year is coming very important - keep this in mind! It will end on February 12, 2021, and until then we’ll try to get along with this wonderful in all respects animal.

This year, the favorites of success and good luck are Rabbits, Bulls and Dragons, rat’s true friends. Monkeys, Snakes, Dogs and Pigs will also feel quite comfortable. The Tigers are expected to have a year under the status of "everything is complicated," but the Horses and Roosters can only sympathize - with the mistress of the year they are on the counter. With the Goats, however, two polarities are possible: either all or nothing. At the same time, fate will make their choice in their respect solely on the basis of compatibility with the elements. That is, if you were born in the year of the rule of Fire, you are frankly out of luck. But Water will feel better than ever.

According to its characteristics, the Year of the Rat is a year of hard work, purposeful growth, establishing useful business contacts and achieving the plan. Remember, you should make a good start in it for the future: save up an impressive amount of money, start raising your qualifications or training in another profile, decide to have children, if there are any plans. And also it is very important to pay maximum attention to your family, children and home - this is generally one of the most favorable years for the device and improvement of your personal life in the cycle.

It will be extremely unfavorable for all manipulators, liars and swindlers. It’s a very useful time, since it is, nevertheless, the beginning of the cycle, look back, draw conclusions and make appropriate decisions for the future. To saddle your fate and end 2020 with the maximum profit, you should show maximum consciousness, take risks justifiably, be frank and fair, prudent and objective, no matter what - this is already a requirement of the Metal Element.

How to meet the holiday

Knowing whose exactly this will be the year, let's talk about symbolism. The colors of the Rat are green, gold and blue. But the elements of Metal are white (or silver), gray. It is on this gamut that one should rely on celebrating the New Year. Also remember that in this animal the numbers 3 and 2 are lucky. In any combination. She loves lilies and African violets, so consider this when choosing perfumes, plants for the home and workplace, prints in clothes.

To attract the favor of the Rat, it is advised to decorate the west, northwest and southwest direction of the house. And the rest, we recommend taking the following points of support on a pencil.

Decorate the house and Christmas tree

As you probably already understood from the mention of the elements of 2020 and the flowers that his mistress loved, it is better to combine green, blue, white and gray tones in the decoration of rooms and a Christmas tree, and use accents and finishes in silver or gold as accents. However, remember that applying more than 2 basic shades, plus some metallic, from the listed ones, within the same room is a bad manners.

At the same time, do not hesitate to decorate the space with cut fresh flowers - the more of them, the better. Even the Rat is very fond of home comfort, everything is traditional. So it's time to get grandmother's Christmas decorations from the mezzanines, make cute hand-made crafts for the New Year and decorate the house with them. True, remember that excesses are not in the style of this animal - everything should be neat, rational and tasteful. In no case is "expensive, rich."

What to meet the year 2020 of the Rat

The ideal outfit for meeting the Rat year is something impeccably elegant, but simple, with no frills. The mistress of the year will not understand you if the image is too multilayered and expensive, and the main emphasis should be on practicality and comfort. Evening or cocktail dresses and suits for men made of fabrics with a metallic sheen or with appropriate finishes are very good. Mature sexuality, some, even severity - these are the main motives that should permeate your appearance. Cut - classic, no frills.

For dresses, as styles, it is strongly recommended to pay attention to the variations of "new bow", "Greek", ageless sheath dresses, a-line and freely flowing. The rat is an ardent opponent of everything artificial, so prefer natural fabrics, as well as shoes and clutches made of real leather with unvarnished texture, with a metal decor in natural colors. According to the shades of all this, it is worth choosing something white, gray, silver, gold, green or blue - and you will get to the point.

Makeup, Decorating & Hair Tips

Jewelry for the meeting in 2020 is better to choose strict in style, concise and with a minimum of stones. Costume jewelery should be preferred jewelry with real stones, made of gold or silver. If it is a chain or necklace, then it is thin, maximum, with a miniature pendant. Makeup should be natural, with a metallic shimmer of shadows and lipsticks in a cold range, unless, of course, it suits you.

The manicure is neat, beautiful, but not screaming. With a minimum of rhinestones, sculptures and artsy watercolors. It is better to prefer metallized glued monograms or beads, contrasting jacket or moonlight in an unusual combination of shades. And finally, in the hairstyle, focus on metal hair clips and choose thorough, simple styling.

Dishes for the New Year's table 2020

The rat, as you know, is a picky creature. Meat, vegetables, fish, pastries ... Use whatever you like to your liking. The meat dish may be lamb, pork, turkey, duck and chicken, well served intricately cooked sea fish. Meat salads, as well as dishes with sausages, will likewise be very handy. And, of course, there must certainly be a lot of baking with a variety of fillings - vegetable, meat or fish, as well as sweet, with fruits. By the way, according to the latter, especially lean on grapes, bananas and apples.

Be sure to decorate dishes not only with traditional New Year plots, such as "Christmas trees", "Santa Clauses", "Christmas balls", "watch dials" and other things, but also with the symbol of 2020. By the way, the mouse and the rat are identical in this sense, so do not forget about how cute the mice are for decorating from boiled eggs, yes, and it will not be difficult to collect the likeness of the carcass or muzzle of these animals from other products. But, in more detail on this subject we will talk separately and as thoroughly as possible, and at the same time we will give tips for preparing New Year's dishes 2020, approximate good menus.

Remember that the Rat is a big lover of all natural. Therefore, table textile is better to prefer linen, in the colors of the year. When choosing it, give preference to stylish ready-made sets of napkins and tablecloths, or sew them yourself, making sure that the former are combined with the latter in one of the shades of the pattern, but do not merge with them into one shapeless something. As rings for napkins, it will be fun to use rings decorated with funny mice.

Since this year's Rat is not openly friendly with the elements of Fire, it is better to refuse candles on the table - replace them with a stylish composition with natural needles and cones, Christmas decorations or other decorations, decorative bouquets. Of course, correctly choosing the shades of all this so that they resonate with the serving and the interior. It is highly recommended that you put a bowl of grain on the table (preferably with wheat), decorating it with nuts and dried fruits - for the mistress of the year!

What should not be on the table?

Given the omnivorous Rat, there are few taboos in New Year’s dishes 2020. Just avoid everything exotic, exploiting products of your latitudes as much as possible, and experiment less, preferring well-known tastes and recipes in order to honor this notorious traditionalist. Avoid light meals and small portions. And also beef and veal.

The main signs of the year

The year is expected to be difficult for all signs - and not only for those who coincide with it in their horoscope, for whom, according to Chinese terminology, it is considered Benminyan. There will be many changes and challenges, and the Rat will begin to carefully observe how worthily and intelligently you get out of the trials she proposed.

Absolutely for everyone they promise a lot of quarrels, especially in the first half of the year, and also, if desired, along its entire length - a successful arrangement of their fate. Apparently, we are waiting for a real "year of weddings"!

What will be the children born in the year of the Rat

To begin with, to understand who we are dealing with, let's recall the legend of how the Chinese Zodiac was formed. So, the Jade Emperor called to himself 12 animals, having arranged a kind of competition for them to race, and promised that it would be in the order in which they would be honored by people. And they went to him on a long and difficult journey, and in front of their very palace the river blocked their path.

The rat, without thinking twice, asked the good-natured Bull to transport her through the pond - and they, it must be said, at that time were in the lead in the race. But, when there was literally a step to the shore, the little cunning first jumped on him, overtaking the Bull, and ran to the Emperor. So the Rat became Toy, which opens a 12-year cycle of the eastern calendar.

Already feel with which ingenious manipulator we have to deal with? And you are not mistaken at all. However, this is far from all the characteristics that the Rat possesses. She is an outstanding intellectual, she is smart and quick-witted, as well as the ability to turn any situation to her advantage. This incomparable opportunist can boast of phenomenal imagination and observation, not running out of curiosity and the excitement of finding new things, self-tests.

Moreover, her manipulation of others is always for the common good, and for the individual - necessarily - those who participate in her tricks. She is extremely rational, will never do something unnecessary or unjustified with specific goals, but she is soft in nature, kind-hearted, and therefore loves people who are useful to her and takes care of them. You will not meet her among the leaders - let someone else collect cones on the barricades. But in the skillful pulling of strings, on the roles of ideological inspirers, she has no equal.

Instead of strategic thinking, she has tactical, but many can learn from her strength of character and determination. However, earthliness and pragmatism often make it very critical and straightforward in communication, due to which sometimes the Rat is difficult to understand and difficult to get along with. But, if it succeeds ... For those whom the representatives of this sign consider to be "their own", they will not hesitate to gnaw at anyone's throat. And the most important values ​​for them are family and children.

Perhaps the best owners than Rats are not to be found: they are economical, like to save, and they drag everyone into the house. But they do not deny themselves personally small gifts. They do not tolerate loneliness, like to do homework and have an extremely active nature - the energy in them always boils, and you will not meet them lounging. True, the rat’s endurance is a real disaster - it is vital for her to often and fully relax.

They make good administrators, writers, media workers, lawyers, researchers, entrepreneurs, professional politicians, as well as ... car drivers. However, the Rat should be wary of over-dried air and not neglect preventive measures against respiratory diseases and dermatology.

Horoscope for all zodiac signs for the year 2020


In personal life, Aries have every chance to miss their happiness if they do not become more determined. The beginning of the year will be very encouraging in this regard, but from the middle of the year serious challenges to outside interests are possible for those who are married. It is recommended to realize your ambitions in your career in the first quarter of the year - everything will work out, and you will achieve considerable heights.

However, the stars warn you against large investments. At the end of the year, problems in the business sector will begin, right up to the desire to change jobs, but it is better to wait a while until next year. For health, expect extreme energy exhaustion and fatigue throughout the year, the activation of chronic diseases and problems in the nervous system.


Knowing who the year is coming, in Taurus’s love everything will be harmonious, but then the relationship will decline. Best time for marriage: from August to October. Family representatives of this sign are awaiting trial by the temptations on the side. In the work, the stars are advised to choose the main goal and not to spray on everything except - only in this way you will achieve significant heights.

Do not try to change something in your life: the time has not yet come to change your occupation, place of work. At the end of the year, you will enjoy good earnings. Especially if you are engaged in IT. Pay attention to the nervous and cardiovascular system, relax more and watch the diet, especially in the summer - this can be a problem!


Twins will be able to find their couple in the spring or at the end of the year, and it is especially recommended to look at their usual surroundings - you will find many interesting discoveries! Representatives of this sign in marriage at the beginning of the year will conflict with loved ones, then they will try to tickle fate with an adultery, but if you don’t break into all the grave, in the autumn everything will work out and harmony will come. In the first quarter you will find a change of work, and it will be very successful.

In the fall, do not be afraid to enjoy outside support in business, especially if it comes from relatives. Financiers by the end of the year will get a good profit, but representatives of creative professions will remain at a trough. Health all year promises to be excellent, the only dangers lie for smokers and prone to nervous breakdowns - in early autumn. At the end of the year, follow the diet!


At the Crayfish the beginning of the year is very loving. And if free representatives of this sign finally find their destiny (by the way, the second successful period for them will be given out in October-November), then the family may well decide on treason. However, if they do not succumb to temptation, the second honeymoon will come in the house. There will be many useful business acquaintances, but trust in business is not advised to anyone.

Try not to conflict and do not be suspicious of your superiors. Avoid large purchases in the summer, as already in the fall you will feel the need for money. Change work, if necessary, better in the fall. If the Crayfish follow the regimen, eat right and change their preferred sport to athletics or swimming, their health will be excellent all year.

Unless the chronicles may bother. At the end of autumn - the beginning of winter, pay attention to sleep mode and take a longer walk. Possible insomnia.

A lion

Lviv, according to the horoscope, is waiting for a year of throwing and doubt. They will want a new love, but they will be scared to frighten the prospects.At the beginning of the year, family representatives of this sign will desperately conflict with spouses - it may even reach a divorce! However, if you manage to step over, you will want to have a baby. By the way, for the unmarried, a great year for marriage, but beware of summer acquaintances.

Autumn will be colored by jealousy, although an increase in relations is expected at the end of the year. The first half of the year will respond with luck in work, but your haste and excessive self-confidence can break firewood. In early autumn, pay attention to a new idea - it will be something very profitable in the future. In the second half of the year you can suffer from insomnia, and beware of infections for the entire period.


The Virgin in love will feel a significant rise throughout the year. But, at first, his family representatives of this sign can quarrel with their halves because of income. The end of summer and year promises free virgins interesting acquaintances, engagements and exchange rings. But be careful in order to rush headlong into the pool of feelings! You can hurt your current work or study.

The beginning of the year will be overshadowed by suspicion in relation to the bosses, then you will switch to colleagues and begin to conflict with them. But the autumn will be very optimistic, you will see an increase, but do not spend too much in October-November! If you avoid overloading, by the summer your health will return to normal, but at the end of the year pay attention to the gastrointestinal tract.


Libra will suffer from boredom, but, nevertheless, the chances of meeting their soul mate right from the first months of the year are very high. And if you try to diversify life with something, then already married representatives of this sign will be able to avoid conflicts with spouses. But, if you don’t pull yourself together and stop cursing, at the end of autumn irritation will grow into a quarrel caused by money, fraught with bad consequences.

In the first half of the year you will be overwhelmed with new work, you will get rid of the shackles of a rigid framework, but wisely use the opportunities that have appeared. And then you are waiting for growth. In the fall, start professional development or change your occupation. In the first half of the year you will be strong and energetic, but then the plant will end, so take a longer rest. Careful with sports and extreme entertainment - possible injuries.


At the end of winter - the beginning of spring, Scorpions in love will be completely disappointed: you will be cruelly deceived in all romantic encounters. Even depression is possible. The rise on this front will begin only in the middle of summer. However, family representatives of this sign will be pleasant all year. And in October, wait for the realization of some of his innermost dreams.

It is better to get married no earlier than December. The work will be argued, everything conceived is being implemented. But, do not forget about the positive attitude and do not conflict with colleagues. True, all this is only until September. A decline is expected in this area, but then new friends will suddenly help you. At the end of the year, you have to choose between work and home.

You drive yourself so much that in the spring you will suffer from fatigue, insomnia will come. Be careful with sexual intercourse - sexually transmitted diseases are possible.


In January, if you are married, you want another child, but you should not decide on this before the beginning of summer. For free Sagittarius, the beginning of the year will also be full of opportunities to arrange their fate. In the spring and in June, major quarrels are possible at home, and at the end of the year everything will be very precarious in relations. Deciding on a marriage is better in the second half of the year.

In the first quarter you can achieve a lot in the business field and grow significantly above yourself. Refuse attempts to find a job - you risk losing your earnings for a long time. In the summer, work requires a creative approach or maximum courage. Pay attention to new acquaintances during this period - they will be useful.

Provide a good financial cushion before the summer - large sudden expenses are likely. October promises career growth. In the first half of the year you will be extremely healthy, but further infectious ailments are possible. The end of the year is fraught with insomnia.


The year for Capricorns will begin with former attempts at revenge - do not succumb to it. Those who are in a relationship are in danger of stupid conflicts in the spring, yes, and in the fall you will constantly quarrel - now specifically because of money. However, at the end of the year it will become easier. Free representatives of this sign should hope for a change in their status in late spring - early summer and in the first half of autumn.

The first quarter will be extremely successful in business, and if you show proper perseverance, then the second half of the year will pass no worse. A new job is best sought in the summer or December. Pay attention to your liver in the first half of the year. Work more physically and exercise, but beware of injuries in the summer. At the end of the year, you may suffer from insomnia.


In the first quarter of the year, Aquarius, who is not yet in a relationship, is looking for his love. But already arranged in a personal plan all year, you must be extremely careful not to spoil everything. In the summer you will be jealous of your soul mate, but keep yourself in control! In the fall, avoid boredom in love, and at the end of the year both married and free representatives of this sign will experience an unprecedented rise in this area.

There will be many difficulties in the work, especially in the spring, conflicts, probably even dismissal or demotion. But, do not panic, as it will become easier in the fall, and in December serious career growth will begin at all, get a bonus. If you want to change the place of employment, do it in August - October. Watch your weight and health of the digestive tract. In November, beware of nervous breakdowns.


At the end of winter, Pisces may have new temptations and experiences in his personal life. If you change in March, there will be serious problems with your loved ones. In the summer you will quarrel with your mate over trifles, but in the autumn everything will be fine and stability will come for a long time. Arrange your destiny for the lonely will have a chance in the fall. This year, Pisces will have many opportunities for professional growth. As well as useful dating.

From February to April, if you wish, you can look for a new job, or open your own business. In the second half, the degree of success will decline, but uncritically. At the beginning of autumn, big expenses are waiting for you, but soon they will return with interest. In the first quarter, representatives of this sign should be wary of injuries. In the summer it is better to go on a diet, there may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract. You will feel perfect from September, but insomnia is possible in December.

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